We are proud to offer Omaha an alternative for their dogs!  Family owned and operated, located on our residential property, we are a small, non-traditional, boarding option for you and your furry family.  We are not a typical kennel, more of a home-away-from-home.  Think of us as a Dog Boarding Boutique.

Our mission has always been to create a space that your dog is excited to come to and hesitant to leave.  We do things a little differently and see the huge difference it makes in our guests.  Although we want to make our human clients happy, our number one priority is keeping our guests calm, happy, and stress-free while with us!


  • Familiar Faces– your dog will see the same familiar faces, every day, and every time they board.
  • Endless Outdoor Space– We have over 35,000 sq ft of outdoor, fenced in, green space
  • At Home Boarding– Our guests sleep and nap in our brand new “canine cottage” built to feel more like a home, than a kennel.  No glass boxes, chain link runs, or concrete pads to sit on.  Keeping their safety at a top priority, your dog has its own safe space just like they would at home.
  • All Day Play– Our pricing includes their all day play.  Dogs that board with us get up to 8 hours a day of socializing and play!
  • Customized Care– We know that every dog isn’t the same.  From all day play for our active guests, to couch snuggles for the older guests and lap time for the tiniest of guests, we have all your dog’s needs covered.
  • Consistent Diets– We want to keep our guests’ diets consistent and familiar because being away from you is hard enough.  For this reason, we have you bring your dogs food while staying with us.
  • 24/7 Care– We spend our mornings, days and evenings with your dog, so we get to know your dog.  We are able to notice quickly if your dog’s personality is off or they don’t feel good, and take action if needed.  We have cameras inside and out.  If your dog needs to see a vet, no matter what time, we can get them there.  We communicate with you throughout their entire stay so you know exactly what is going on and how your dog is doing!
  • Licensed and Insured– We are licensed by the State of Nebraska,  inspected twice a year, along with the City of Omaha, inspected once a year. For 7 years, we have never failed an inspection, and strive to surpass the minimal guidelines the city and state require.  Our building, property, and guests, are all insured with the best pet policy you can find in our industry through The Hartford.


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